How to make points match curve on surface?

I am trying to make the points along the top match the curve on the top of the surface.

Maybe MatchSrf?

Depends what you’re really asking about.

Like this

What would be the best command for me to do that?

If I’m understanding, which is unlikely, I’d copy the curve at the top of the surface, move it over to the other sufarce, turn on points on both the surface and the curve and drag points to match them.

Or, since you’ve already created a surface that fits your goal, use that surface in place of the new one.

The first image shows the points in rebuild mode going around a square but the surface is not a square so I’m looking for the points to be exact to the surface like the second image.

The first image looks like you are Rebuilding a “trimmed” surface.

There are both trimmed and untrimmed surfaces.
Each has benefits and abilities the other does not.

Okay, but how to I get the points to match the exact shape of the surface?

Because there are only 4 sides to that surface, it can be an untrimmed surface.
Extract the Boundary curve of the original surface.
Explode the curve.
Use the EdgeSrf command to create an untrimmed surface using those 4 edge curves.

It is giving me this now since I did that.

SURFACE.3dm (92.0 KB)

Your top curve is 2 curves that meet at a point.
That makes this more complicated.

Without understanding more about trimmed and untrimmed NURBS surfaces I don’t think it will make much sense.

I suspect the original trimmed surface is a better option in this case.

Let’s back up.
What problem are you trying to solve?
Why do you think you need to move the curve points?

I am applying a grasshopper script to the surface and because I the control points on the surface aren’t aligned to the surface the script is not taking the true shape, it is only taking the shape from its control points.

Then your message is in the wrong category.
It should be in the Grasshopper category, together with your GH canvass, and a description of the problem you’re trying to solve.

My guess is you’re going to need to use the boundary curve of the surface instead, precisely because it is a trimmed surface.

I was able to use “Refit Trim” with an increase in an increase of the control points it followed the curve.