The mesh outline fit the curve

I need to help,how to make mesh structure like the picture(2.ideal)
I tried to solve by the method of increacing control point on the curve,
but it is not intended becouse the hexagon mesh size is too diffrence and it is not beautiful.
I want to make mesh that the mesh outline fit the curve.

hexagonal mesh study.3dm (335.7 KB)
hexagonal mesh (16.1 KB)

My ideal image is likely BIG google campus.

This is NOT the way to do a tensile membrane (as fast as possible).

  1. Using a curve (in fact many) and some points (random or not) do the mesh on the ground (shown a filtered Del mesh). Define anchors, cables, masts, cats and dogsl and subdivide the mesh (in fact mesh Lists). The more the start-up mesh is “even” the better the results:

  1. Check the subdivided mesh (K2 is a bit faulty but anyway):

  1. Use the latest K2 engine:

  1. Add a zillion lines of code more and do big things:

NOTE: either do a proper tensile membrane or do some other stuff. Avoid mixing onions with sardines. (BTW: Birdair does insulated stuff [tensotherm]).