How to make Lamellas with differentiated height between two curves?

Hello friends!

I have an issue with my model, where I try to make lamellas on a facade. I have made this simplified model, to start of with.

I want the lamellas to start at a point on a curve (roof), follow the z-axiz down, to the same xy-point but on a curve further down.

It seems I cant get it to work, and would love some pointers on what I’m doing wrong?? (13.6 KB)

What are 'lamellas"?

The PLine (Polyline) component is orange because some of the points don’t intersect a curve when projected down. (8.4 KB) (11.7 KB)

That’s amazing, thank you all.

Though for some reason, I have more points than segments, (probably due to some double points I can’t get rid of in my messy attempt of a gradient rhythm) so all the lamellas are shifted a bit.

Is there an easy fix to get rid of those double points? Or perhaps to get the “Parameter” for the “Horizontal Frame” some other way? I know, the latter doesn’t fix the problem, but perhaps its to live with for now… (44.7 KB) (47.7 KB)

Thank you @HS_Kim, and @Joseph_Oster.

Works like a charm!

Best regards/ Dennis