How to make beads progressively smaller along curve

Hi guys !

I’m trying to make a beads that flow progressively smaller along a curve…is that possible? how would I do that?

you can see the image below of the curve with the smallest size above and larger size below. I know I can array them along the curve…but how to create the gradual size variation?

any help would be much appreciated


Short of Dividing the curve and manually placing each one, you will probably need to use Grasshopper for this.
If it’s a one-off, just do it manually.
If you need to do a whole series of these, then a Grasshopper definition is probably the way to go.

Grasshopper is def the way go. However if you want to do it the hard Rhino way you could do something like this.

  1. Measure the length of your curve with the Length command.
  2. Make a straight line that same length.
  3. Put the larger shape on one end of the line.
  4. Put the smaller shape on the other end of the line.
  5. Tween the two shapes with the TweenSurfaces command.
  6. Use the Flow command and flow the shapes from the line along the curve (make sure the rigid option of flow is set to yes.

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thanks a lot John and Michael for your replies.I have a quite a few to do, so it looks like I’ll have to learn grasshopper! been meaning to forever, so this I’ll be a good way to launch into it.

that’s an interesting suggestion Michael, to tween then, I’ll give that a shot first. thanks again.