How to make auxetic tristar pattern

Hello can anyone help me achieve something similar to this?

Thank you in advance


you can check this

Have a look at the attachment.
AuxenticTristarPattern (11.0 KB)


And if you want to have fixed size triangles (like what we see in the video), you can scale the result of @HS_Kim definition: (16.9 KB)


Amazing, Is it possible to use an attractor point to only open up some in a certain area?

Check this as well. But it’s not perfect. Need another approach.

AuxeticTristarPattern_reV2_Scale& (16.5 KB)

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Here you can see another example with similar pattern, you remember?
If there was something you learned there, maybe you would not have asked again here…

I think It’s all a bit beyond me sadly. I can’t get my head around these algorithms, maybe grasshopper is not for me.

start coding, and don’t mess with trees at all… I personally find it much simpler to code whenever it gets multidimensional and conditional. Furthermore, there is so much to learn. All it needs is time.

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Hi Kim, I’ve been trying to make it so I will be able to lasercut this pattern, but I am not havving much luck.
Similar to what you did here. Any help would be great.

exactly, this is where Grasshopper becomes complicated very quickly. You build a definition and it works, then want to apply the code to a multitude of objects and you have to start using plugins like anemone. I wish there was something more native that allowed us to save code as a ‘function’ and send multiple data to it. Maybe it is already possible and I don’t know but as you say in these cases I’d rather use custom code.

There isn’t. Not without plug-ins or custom scripting.

@DavidRutten so how can I use a GH definition in a script to process multiple data, do you have an example?

Although that is possible, I more specifically meant to just write the loop logic directly in C# or python. Many GH components are pretty thin wrappers around Rhino SDK functions so converting a GH algorithm into a RhinoCommon algorithm isn’t that big a job, provided you can program.

ah, ok. But you do say it is possible :slight_smile: so how?
Although I can program (a little) it sounds like being able to wrap a piece of GH code into a program would save a lot of time. Then the visual prototype can be used right away rather then having to rewrite and lookup all the methods. Will this eventually be possible in the next iteration of GH (turning definitions into ‘functions’?)

Hy every body

I’m trying to do a cutted pattern of a tristar auxetic pattern.
I found a solution but the calculation time become crazy (the attached file is on a very small surface) when I offset a double line laser cut. Here is my solution but it’s very poor work flow auxetic (18.9 KB)
Some one have a clue to bulid a solid tool for this type of work ?

Thank you