Expanding hex grid with fixed edge length

Hi All,

Looking for a little direction for what I think should be a pretty easy problem.

Trying to build a definition that can approximate what you’re seeing in the video link here:

Any links to tutorials or suggestions will be much appreciated.

I’m sure kangaroo is part of the equation, but, I’m pretty stuck.


Creating the initial geometry and constraining the edge lengths can be done like this:

auxetic_example.gh (10.4 KB)
The question then is what more do you want to do with this?

For example, you might want to limit how far it can expand or contract like this:
auxetic_example2.gh (17.1 KB)


Check this topic as well.

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Ah Amazing, Thanks so much. Yes, playing with setting attractor pts in the first example, trying to deform the grid while keeping the triangular cells’ edges ridged. End goal is to set anchor pts and apply gravity, to illustrate how this might look/ behave as a hung ceiling system.

This is a test

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hexagons2.gh (15.9 KB)

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Thanks!. very cool.