Stars and shapes

Hello I am trying to make a polar based generator of auxetic patterns such as this:


However I am stuck trying to seperate these asterix like shapes into two groups of crosses. I have tried using split tree, however the tree is very complex, and I am not sure of what selection would seperate the desired groups.

Any help would be great

flower (13.4 KB)

and which two groups would that be?

This was a double post and solved here:

This was a double post that was my mistake. Kim’s reply is amazing It’s a beautiful simulation of what I am working to create. However I would like to simply have a vector file of the line work so I can photo etch it into a sheet of aluminium.

I am looking to create something similar to this

However much more accurate. You can see how I would like to seperate the polylines in the above grasshopper file similar to this example image.

If someone could help me do this I would be very thankful.

Well, It’s a little bit complicated than I thought it would be… Anyway, check attached.
You’ll need some plugins including Sandbox-Topology, Meshedit, Lunchbox.

flower (27.4 KB)

Kim you are a wizard! How long have you been using Grasshopper for?