How to make aligned holes in a cone



I want to make a 3d printed lamp.
I have to put a lot of holes on a solid cone (see picture) like a Drilled sheet steel What’s the best way? thanks

(John Brock) #2

Probably Grasshopper with Paneling Tools

Unfortunately, they aren’t possible in Mac Rhino.
That’s a Windows Rhino thing


Ok, thank you. I have to install bootcamp, buy windows 8, buy Rhino3d.
My pockets will be very empty!


Well, you can get away without buying Rhino for Windows for 90 days - use the evaluation version…


(John Brock) #5

Bootcamp Assistant is a utility that is included in OSX.
If you have a 13" Mac or one that only has the embedded Intel HD graphics, then it will not work well for Windows OpenGL.

(Marc Gibeault) #6

Check the commands CreateUVCrv and ApplyCrv.
You’ll have deformations but it might be good for a lamp.