How to make aligned holes in a cone


I want to make a 3d printed lamp.
I have to put a lot of holes on a solid cone (see picture) like a Drilled sheet steel What’s the best way? thanks

Probably Grasshopper with Paneling Tools

Unfortunately, they aren’t possible in Mac Rhino.
That’s a Windows Rhino thing

Ok, thank you. I have to install bootcamp, buy windows 8, buy Rhino3d.
My pockets will be very empty!

Well, you can get away without buying Rhino for Windows for 90 days - use the evaluation version…


Bootcamp Assistant is a utility that is included in OSX.
If you have a 13" Mac or one that only has the embedded Intel HD graphics, then it will not work well for Windows OpenGL.

Check the commands CreateUVCrv and ApplyCrv.
You’ll have deformations but it might be good for a lamp.