How to make a wind force on a structure?

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I was wondering how it is possible to make wind forces on a geometry that are not just point forces, but uniform lines forces? Now i did this with just point forces, but i think a uniform line would be the best solution to recreate this wind force on a facade. So the area force of the wind can be converted to the uniform line force over a facade. Is it that i need to put those on the “columns” and then just like the uniform lines on the beams, i can change the direction of it?

You will need to convert the load to a pressure then apply it to a mesh with the following component:
You can change it by changing the load type.


Is there an example for this? How can i make a mesh on a certain surface or side of a geometry?

Example on how to use the component:

You will need to convert the surface into a mesh and increase the density to get a good loading spread.

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I have made this example for now but im not sure if this is the right approach. Wind should become stronger how higher the building is, but in my example it shows that on the bottom side of the structure the wind force is stronger than on the top. (87.2 KB)

Hi @sgiorgioramsaroep,

From the following image, you can see that the load is applied to the bottom of the structure.

This means that when the area load is distributed, it will distribute mainly to the lower half, then the top half.
You will also want to use a large number for the UV count on the mesh, that distributes it a bit more evenly.

However for wind load, you will have multiple meshes at different heights of the building with different pressures.
This is one of the scripts I’m working on at work and as you can see the roof is split so that the loading at different distances from the wind windward location is to be applied with different pressures.

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But why does it load the bottom side more than the top side? The mesh is big enough to load the given facade. And what does the U exactly does for the mesh and the V?

Your Mesh on the model is only on the bottom 2/3 of the building.
You want to apply the load to the top part of the building.
The UV increases the resolution. When it distributes the load, it looks at each face of the mesh and distributes to the elements, so a higher resolution means smoother distributions.

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