How to make a smooth surface from sharp corner curves

Hi guys,
I have a problem of an edgy surface caused by a sharp-corner curve, just like shown in the photo. The sharp corner is part of the design so it’s not I forgot to fillet the corner and troubled myself. I wonder if there is any way to make a smooth surface in this kinda situation. The Rhino file is attached.

Thanks for your help.

surface question.3dm (62.1 KB)

surface question_PG.3dm (54.4 KB)

Is something like the attached what you are looking for?


Hi Pascal,
I am new to Rhino. I thought despite the sharp corner, there should be some ways to make the surface very smoothly in Rhino. But in reality it seems not to work that way. We can only try to smooth the area influenced by the corner as much as we can. Thank you for your help.