How to smooth between surfaces while keeping the same edges


I have been modelling this component for a while. I am trying to get a smooth natural curve from the keyhole to the flat face of the arm. I have attached the cad file and screenshots of the model to show the surfaces that I want to smooth (in blue). What would you suggest is the best way to obtain a single surface with a natural curve without changing the outer edge conditions?

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V4 Arms_1 Split.3dm (698.2 KB)

Hi @dpg.taylor,

Overall your model is very good, I tried having a wack at it(with unimpressive results) and at least from my perspective it’s fairly complicated but not impossible.

There are a few parts I think you should correct first before moving on that might make it easier.
Im not sure if you meant to have a hard edge here, but it’s have a bad effect on creating a nice smooth surface on top (I mean the hard edge below circled part).

If you look at the lines for these curves, there’s no tangent continuity. That circled CV should really be in line with your straight edge.

I would recommend remaking this part, and if possible try and make those 3 filleted surfaces just 1 surface, as a start.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for the advice. It was very helpful, I didn’t realise that hard edge was effecting the curve.

I rebuilt the curve between the surfaces and did a sweep to produce a single curve instead of the fillets. Using this I then remade the blue surfaces and successfully made one network surface. I’ve attached some images of the model.

I am happy with the results now. Cheers for your help!


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