How to make a minimal surface like Shakespeare?

@DanielPiker can you confirm if this is correct? :sunglasses:


@MateuszZwierzycki what have you done?


Well, if that’s the way to get something out of deepmind/alphacode then I’ll stick with python :wink:

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@Jess It can be serious, but that’s no fun :sunglasses:


I’m not afraid of AI, but I’m more a designer than a programmer. And you don’t need gpt-3 to find solutions for minimal surfaces here in the McNeel forum. The problem for an AI is to create creative and really new solutions because still computers lack intuition. In my current project I’m also working with AI and I like the challenge to teach the machines. And nothing has changed: bananas in bananas out :smiley:

But back to Shakespeare: I started my first workshop about computational design like this:
To be, or to be used
that is the question when designing with a computer :wink:


Hi Jess,

This min surface request was not a serious one or for an answer I needed out of necessity. But I did need to know how it sounded as a poem :sunglasses:

Don’t worry Michael, I know what you can do!

I thought you would like to discourse about the new article in science magazine:

however, we will find our own ways through… :wink: