Planar-izing polysurface


I’m working on a project with a silly timeline, so have generated geometry (to be used to fasten plates of rigid material) by surface from 3 or 4 corner points. The general shape is pretty irregular, demanding that these surfaces have double curvature. As it moves closer to production, I’ve got to get these surfaces into a planar mode.

Last night, in Grasshopper, after deconstructing the brep, I’m pretty sure (if I wasn’t hallucinating from the lack of sleep)I created a definition that allowed me to generate planar faces (quite simply: no area, normals, etc.) by approximating the twisted ones… But for the life of me I can’t seem to figure out what I did! Perhaps it was a dream/mirage? BTW - I was using Lunchbox and Paneling Tools components as well.

Anyway, I must give up on it for the night, but it seemed so obvious last night that I figure it’s just sitting there, and I’m being a twit. If any of you know the goods that I’m referring to, please feel free to drop them here:)


Alright - must have been a mirage.

I just remodeled in vanilla Rhino. And it was a pleasure:)