How to make a closed revolve surface/sweep surface?

It seems like an easy task but I need a perfectly closed revolved/sweep profile so that I can work on it in zbrush without having to deal with that seam line. Below is a picture of what I have done:

I have tried the rebuild option to see if it can eliminate that seam line but no luck there.


seams are a NURBS peculiarity and do not exist as such in a mesh. i dont know if zbrush understands nurbs but if so and you are trying to import the nurbs as mesh then i suspect that zbrush is doing this. i would rather export them as a mesh from rhino. just see that you have the vertex welding set to welded while exporting to obj format.

VERTEX WELDING! Thanks Richard, I think that did the trick.

You have 2 Solutions, As Richard Said you can check “welded” in Rhino Obj export , or you can also weld points directly when importing in ZBrush , just by activating “Mrg” button, and move the slider tolerance.


Boom. Thanks guys!