How to make a 2d CNC file from a basket-weave mesh

Wondering what the best way to create a 2d file that one can use to CNC the pattern from the attached basket-weave mesh? I’ve tried silhoulette and make 2d and they both generate 2d curves but even when I run Convert they have a lot of points. Short of tracing every nook and cranny I’m wondering if there’s any kind of short cut…

Thank youBasketweave mesh file.pdf (718.4 KB)
Basketweave mesh file.rar (5.2 MB)

Just to clarify, I am not trying to make a 3d print or a 3 axis cnc file to cut from foam but a simplified flattened pattern that would be cut from mdf.

Hi Cosmas - for some reason I cannot open your RAR here…


Just uploaded it to you, Pascal. Thank you.

Hi Cosmas - it looks like Silhouette, from Top, will get you curves (polylines) to work with - is that enough?
ProjectToCplane to flatten… looks like you may need to do a bit of sorting and editing…

You can explode a silhouette polyline and then use SelChain > Tangency, and 35 degrees angle tol or something large like that to select chains of segments to join back together.


Wow, let me try that Pascal. Thank you.