How to maintain layer visibility of linked files?

I am using Rhino 7 WIP on Windows. (7.0.20105.12495, 14/04/2020)

File A = ‘Main drawing’ File B = ‘Referenced File’

I open File B, turn off some layers and hide some elements, then save and close. I then open File A, use the INSERT command to insert File B as a reference. When File B appears in File A all of the layers are turned on and the hidden objects are showing.

Is there a way to preserve the layer visibility and hidden elements of File B when they are referenced into File A?

I’ve tried saving a layer state in File B and then importing that into File A but I receive an error with no description.


Hi Tom - as far as I can see here, locked and off layers are locked and off when the file is inserted if the layers do not exist in the current file in different states, and the file is inserted to Active layers; if the olayers are reference, then it is all as in the saved file here in my simple test. Indeed hidden objects are shown - I expect that is by design.

Does that make sense with what you’re seeing?