Referenced layers in a parent layer

When I place referenced layers in a parent layer and then reopen that file. the referenced layers are outside their parent layers.

File saved like this:

File reopened like this:


@mary - I believe this is a known, and at the moment un-avoidable thing, is that correct?


Hi @jmv and @pascal,
This is already on the pile as RH-23427. Here is the previous Forum discussion.

There is nothing in the file format to save this information.
So it is a pretty significant feature/fix.
I linked this thread to this existing request so you will be notified here where there is a fix.

Mary Ann Fugier


One work around is to use the layer that is current when the block is inserted (Block Reference layer) to control the visibility of block.

When you insert /link a file to your Rhino model, the block is assigned to the current layer. You can use Properties and assign to another layer. If you turn off that layer, the entire block visibility is tied to this layer and it will not be displayed.

So if you insert/link a site file, with a layer Topo current, the visibility of the site file will be tied to Topo. If turn off Topo, then the entire site block will be displays.

Mary Ann Fugier