How to load visualarq styles file when open rhino?

is there anyway where i could always load a specific visualarq style file whenever i open rhino?

Hi @Leonardo_G_Pate, you can open a VisualARQ template, run the vaStylesImport command to import that style, and then save the document as a template, a new custom one, or overwritting the other one, so you will always have that style available.
Take a look at this post:

Is it possible to get the .val file @fsalla? I don’t seem to have them. I opened the template. Everything seems to work. But the pre-loaded styles are not available.

Hi @keshavanarayan82 Are you using Rhino in English? Do you see the VisualARQ templates when you start a new document?

These are the styles that come in VisualARQ - Meters template:
Default.val (1.6 MB)
EURO.val (276.8 KB)

Can I get the imperial versions of these? Actually the metric templates seem to work fine btw.

Sure, here you are!
VisualARQ Feet Template.val (1.9 MB)

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