Importing a VA object style

I wonder if it is possible to import a VA object from another document? I mean not a “copy-paste” option, but just an import. I have several objects in a file and I would like to use them in another project, and opening the first file takes time…
Regards, Jaro

Also, it would be great to import layers - just like one can import views, for example. I think out it is a Rhino property, though.
Regards, Jaro

Hi @jerry.bakowski, you can use the vaStylesExport command to save VisualARQ object styles into a “.val” file (“VisualARQ library file”), and then import these styles into a different document with the vaStylesImport command.
This is a pretty old video, but you can see how it works:

Yes, that would be a cool feature, but it should be a Rhino feature.

Great, how could I miss this? :wink: Thanks a lot!

By the way, why there are no option for centimeter units?

Good observation. Until VisualARQ 2 version there were only templates in meters and milimeters. When we added the template in cm we didn’t care to change that dialog and include cm too when exporting styles. And the reason is that no matter what you choose in that dialog, because the styles will be adapted to the units of the Document from where you import the .val file.
We should actually remove that option to avoid confusions.