How to load geometry from linked block files?


I am not sure whether I am using the right terminology here but I got a 3dm file that has block references to other 3dm files. The other files are relative and are found when opening in rhino.

Do I have to take care of finding the referenced files as a developer or should the Rhino3dm library already resolve those files in the same way as rhino resolves these? If I have to take care of loading the referenced files, where can I find the file paths to the linked files?



– Dale

Ok, no problem, but where can I find the file paths in the Rhino3dm API?

Could it be that this isn’t available in the Rhino3dm library, I mean the free openNURBS? I couldn’t find that property…

Or can I use RhinoCommon somehow together with openNURBS?

Are you using C#, JavaScript, or Python?

– Dale

Dale, I just checked and I believe this is missing in

This is essentially what rhino3dm is. It is a trimmed down version of RhinoCommon that is built on top of openNURBS.

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I added this as a feature request to rhino3dm at

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Sorry, forgot to mention, it is C#.

Got it, I was wondering what the difference between rhino3dm and openNURBS is.

Thanks, we will track the issue and put this feature on hold for the moment.