How to join 2 meshes without adding mesh faces manually?

I created two meshes surfaces from point clouds with MeshPatch command . One top surface represent a terrain topography the other one the bottom of the terrain. I 'm looking for a command to join these two surfaces in order to create a closed volume suitable for 3D printing .On a small test I used the command " add a mesh face" by manually selecting faces, one by one, on the edge of the top mesh and then selecting the corresponding faces on the edge of the bottom mesh. Obviously it’s impossible to do it this way with a bigger mesh with thousand faces! Is there a way to join these two meshes an other way??

Thank you very much for any help!


Hi Richard - a couple of things come to mind - if you have an existing lower mesh that you must use, adding a PatchSingleFace at a few well chosen locations around the terrain, followed by FillMeshHoles will close it up. Use UnifyMeshNormals when done with this one. Or, use OffsetMesh on the upper mesh with the Solid option if the offset distance is short compared to the ‘curvature’ on the upper mesh (otherwise you may get self-intersections)
MeshEdges.3dm (186.3 KB)


Hello Pascal
Thank you so much! The magic trio (PatchSingleFace + FillMeshHoles+ UnifyMeshNormals) worked very well on my model!

Thanks again!