How to jitter sets so that each set is unique?

I have a set that I generated and I want to mix up the numbers so that each set is different, but when I try using jitter, it just makes each set the same.

Is there another command that just works better with sets?

you are actually correctly mixing your data tree with Jitter, but are using the very same Seed for all the (identycal) branches, so end up with the very same mixing everywhere

try supplying as many (grafted different) seeds as the branch count of your tree to be mixed

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I tried but failed to explain that in this DUPLICATE THREAD earlier today:

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Sorry about the late reply, but I got a solution that was wayyy simpler than I thought it would be
what the other guy said does work

(dont mind the massive entwine command, I have 50 branches)

But another solution I found Is this

Basically just a custom list with a series of numbers going up by one, and the + is there to make different numbers every time, a jitter could also be put in to make it more random.
Just make sure the number of values in there matches the number of branches that you have

I guess there’s a List Length as flattened input N on your Random generator

if you want to remove that problem you can use flattened List Length + serie as in the violet group: