How to generate random sets with different numbers in each set

So I want to generate a set with random numbers in each set, but for each set the numbers are all the same, is there a different randomization function I should use? or should I just generate a bunch of different sets and combine them into one?

as you can see, 0 is always -.07, 1 is always .22753, Etc…

Use a second Random component to generate seed values (0 to 300) for each branch.

Thanks man! worked like a charm

I can’t be sure from the screen shot alone but that looks wrong…

haha its working for the purposes that I need it for, I disconnected the first random from the Cset and it works perfectly

Does understanding it matter? The second image you posted doesn’t follow my suggestion at all.

Yeah I did, but I need a specific number for the list length going into the N, so I can’t follow it exactly