How to interpolate edge points from point clouds?

Hi, you can see different point clouds. I separated the edge points and would like to interpolate around them. The interpolation should just do vertical and horizontal curves. Can someone help me to make the interpolation, please? In this picture, the point groups are overlapping. (22.1 KB)

why are you speaking of field ? for me a field is a vector associated to a point. I don’t see vector.

I don’t understand what is an interpolation doing vertical curve. Can you draw what you want ?

Hello, thanks a lot for your help. I am sorry for the incorrect terminology. In this case, I meant multiple groups of points.

My problem corresponds to this post, where I would like to follow David’s first step. I need the boundary of my point groups:

Here is the boundary curve that I need from all of my point groups separately. I zoomed in to one side of an individual group to show you the boundary that I am looking for.

After that, I would like to continue with David’s further steps.

I am very thankful for your help!

You can use the trick described here with a mesh

Is there a way with native GH-components? I do not feel very comfortable with using code that I can not understand.

It is native, the code is just here to group mesh by family, you don’t need that for your problem as you will have just one mesh.

Okay. I will try to understand your definiton, but it seems to me very difficult to understand.

What are medial axis?

You don’t need medial axis, the trick is to keep mesh faces or rectangle surface where there is a point. The join all the faces/rectangles, then getting the contour. It is easy with mesh.
I gave you the link to the good discussion (n°9).

That sounds easy to me. I will try that, just a few minutes. Thanks a lot!!!

Can you explain how to make the mesh from my points? I only received a bad result. (The green ones are my boundary)

I did it, but when I see you points I am quite sure they come from a clean geometry that you must have and you can use it.
Whatever here is a solution to reconstruct a mesh using your points with face centered on the points (32.2 KB)

That is very helpful but also complex.
Here you can see how I developed my point groups (definition is well sorted and named). I really hope that you can show how to get the boundary from my groups earlier in the definition. This would reduce a lot of code.
Thanks a lot for your help again!!! (48.0 KB)

You don’t undestand what I mean. My question is where your first points are from ? You make them by hand ? In Rhino ? They where given by a professor ? Initial rectangle measure 32 in height 242.37 in length.
So to generate with this rectangle you just have to use a Mesh Plane

It is not complex, there just lot of operations (* + /) to define how many faces are needed, what is distance between points … It is quite elementary to put the equation to make a rectangle around points that are on grid.

My points are from a grid that I made in Grasshopper.

Thanks for the help with the boundary.

Just one more question to my originally problem that I started here.

David told me that I should use boundaries to subtract my point groups from each other. But is there another way how to control the culling from different overlapping fields? Let’s say just by culling duplicated points? Please have a look on my description at the other topic. Maybe it would be better if we continue in the corresponding topic.

It is finished for me. Time to :sleeping_bed:


Thanks for your great help!

Here is my try to do it with the mesh plane component. Unfortunately I do not receive the closed boundary for each group, even though if I receive my 5 meshes.

Your final result is one surrounding polyline. What I need is a polyline from each group, just to avoid missunderstandings.

MeshBoundary (17.8 KB)