How to install Anemone for Grasshopper (Rhino 6)?

How to install Anemone for Grasshopper (Rhino 6)?

hi @amsarse this should work for Rhino 6

Thank you. I placed it in the Components folder, unlocked it. My Rhino sees it but I have no clue how to start using it?

Restart Rhino/GH?

Now at least I see it should appear in the menu. But it doesn’t (after restart). And there’s a message:

obraz attached. I don’t understand: I have only one Anemone in the Component dirtectory and after deleting one of them, both disappear.

My anemone1.gha file (Version 7, Windows) is located in the ‘Components Folder’:


That’s right:

However, there’s no Anemone bookmark visible in my Grasshopper.