[Wish] - Allow multiple insertions of the same file as linked block

(This wish is flexible and any improvement that achieves the same end result is welcome)

The Problem:

  • A lot of files contain more than one component and it is not practical to break-down every model into multiple files for every hinged or movable part in it.

  • When one model is inserted into another file as a linked block we sometimes need to be able to move it’s sub-parts (a window, or door that hinges on it’s frame, a bicycle that can turn it’s steering, a switch that can flip to it’s on/off positions) for animations or for scene setups in renders.

I feel this could be easily accomplished if Rhino allowed the same file to be inserted multiple times as a linked block. This way the first instance could have LayerA turned on and another instance could have LayerB turned on such that each can now have their own transformation matrix.

If smart people (eg Pascal, and others) have a better way to accomplish this without breaking down all files into multiple pieces, I’d be happy to hear it !

I second that wish :upside_down_face: