How to insert a picture?

I’m a newbie with Rhino and so far I love it. I’ve used several 2D programs in the past and I’m an old feller 'cause I started with a T square and triangle (still use them from time to time). But I really wanted to get into 3D and Rhino looks like the answer.
I’ve been doing several tutorials and making great drawings. What I want to do now is insert a picture onto a plane so that I can trace around it. The Curve.3dm tutorial has a picture of a pear in it. I haven’t been able to understand how to insert a picture. Jpeg doesn’t seem to be supported. Must be easy to do, I just haven’t found how.

Hi Joe - use the PictureFrame command or BackgroundBitmap (going away in future versions)


Thank you. PictureFrame worked for me. I’m assuming you mean the BackgroundBitmap command is the one going away. PictureFrame will be kept? I can see me using it a lot in the future.

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From the Rhino 6 WIP:

Note that the command name has changed - Picture.
An easy way to get an image in is by dragging it from Windows Explorer over into a Rhino viewport.

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The Picture command in Rhino V6 WIP is the name of the updated PictureFrame command in V5.

You can drag and drop an image into the Rhino workspace as well.

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Thanks everyone for responding. I’m new to Rhino. Who decides these things about changing command names and functionality? Just curious. I’m planning on purchasing Rhino next month.

The developers at Robert McNeel & Associates, though this forum provides a lot input to them. Most changes to command names and functionality happen in major revisions such as the upcoming Rhino 6. There is usually a WIP (Work In Progress) version of the next major revision available for users to try and comment on.

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