How to import .xml geometry to rhino/grasshopper?

Hello everyone. I have been struggling to import .xml geometry using rhino/grasshopper. I need it as a reference geomnetry. In tekla you can just select .xml file as a reference model, however there is no such option in rhino. I have done my research and loooked some online solutions provided in the forums, but unfortunately none of them worked for me. Does anyone know how to import .xml file so i can see the geometry in rhino?
thank you in advance

Where are you getting xml geometry files from? xml is (unfortunately) a much more widespread file format, with far more applications than for geometry alone.

It was exported by Autodesk Civil 3D by someone.

Thanks - I didn’t realise Autodesk used it.

There are plenty of other formats compatible with both Rhino and the AutoCad family, if you still have the original files.