How to import Autodesk materials into Rhinoceros 5

I am considering the use off Rhinoceros 5 for some simpel renderings of inventor files.
I have 2 questions.

  1. Can I import a iam file (inventor file) into Rhino inklusiv all the materials allready given.?
  2. Can I import the whole autodesk material library into Rhino and give the different layers the autodesk material I want.

If I can do the first, there is no need for the second, but it is nice to know if that is possibel as well…


No and no.
I don’t think there are any tools for opening native, proprietary Inventor files outside of Inventer. That would not be how Autodesk “plays the game”.
Your best neutral file format for swapping with Inventor will probably be STEP 214.

Rhino and Inventor do not use the same rendering engine so they do not share a common material definition. I would be surprised if anything about rendering material assignments survived the STEP file transfer.


There is a plug-in for Rhino that enables to import native inventor files :

I do not know if it is sufficient for you, but as you can see on the table at the bottom of the page, it keeps some attributes such as colors, properties and mass properties.

THX, i will try this…

I found out do, that no Rhino cannot import autocad materials, but I can use all
the textures do and create the materials using does combine with Rhino