Importing Autodesk Inventor files

Is it possible to import Autodesk Inventor Part Files (*.ipt, *.iam) into Rhino6? It would be really nice if I could access legacy material. :smiley:

Hi -

That’s not possible, no.
You will have to export to one of the formats that Rhino supports:

Pity that! :frowning_face:
Rhino6 can import Solidworks files (SLDPRT, SLDASM). It can also handle AutoCad files (DXF, DWG). Do you think our Developers can take that one step further and add Autodesk Inventor files to the list?

Autodesk does not publish a file I/O datakit for Inventor, so no, not possible.
Autodesk bought Inventor many years ago, when the file format was closely related to STEP.
Generally STEP is the best neutral file format that both Rhino and Inventor support.

I guess I’ll have a bit of work to do saving legacy files in STP format.
Oh well. It’ll keep me off the streets. :sunglasses: