Wish "Hide in View" command


I really like hide in detail command,
I wish for a hide in view command where I can hide objects only in one view and not in other views.
Doable or too many problems? It would be really productive if possible.


Maybe you can create an own display mode (where all objects are hidden) and use the command _SetObjectDisplayMode.


Yea I wish but I have arrived at a point where I need hide in view. I too thought maybe I could use a display mode but they only go so far and in my case are not usable for what I need which is hide in view.


Micha, All,
I looked into it deeper and your suggestion does work. I tried an object display at first too but because I’m using picture frames it didn’t work thus my wish. If I redo my picture frames as regular textured planes then the display works. Meaning I have to draw a plane the size of the picture frame, copy the picture frame material to a new material and assign it to the plane. I forgot is there an easy way to change picture frames into regular textured planes without all the steps above? Like an explode command or something?

For V6 I wish that in properties Rhino would report picture frame and not open plane when a picture frame is selected and that I be allowed to change the picture frame into a regular textured plane using a drop down menu choice and command at the command line. I could go back and forth easily by either choosing picture Frame or textured plane in a drop down menu within properties.

And in addition to, allow the user to show the picture frame in particular views with a check box interface similar to the clipping plane’s interface.
And/or let displays modes have an option to show picture frames or not.

Also I still would find “hide in View” extremely useful for many things and I hope the developers will put it on the wishlist for V6