How to hide menu, command, property view ... ? (MFC/Rhino5)

Oh, and

  bool HideToolBars(int nDockState=0, bool  bRedraw=true);

  bool RestoreToolBars(bool  bRedraw=true);

It seem to useful. :smile:
Now, I meet a problem.
I use those SDK funcctions in the skin ? or plugIn (OnLoadPlugIn())?

I put it in EventWatcher::OnInitRhino( CRhinoApp& app ) for the time being.
When Command line hided, I want it visible so that I run the function ,

But, it still hide. :sob:

try this macro:

“-_commandprompt _show _toggle _enter”

Thank you! Jordy. :smile:
I still try to set those interface, menu, tool bar… , in my SKIN.
But, It seem to be difficult for me. :weary:
I think whether I should change those Keys before launching skin.

Oke if you want to hide the toolbars do something like this:

For i = 0 To Rhino.RhinoApp.ToolbarFiles.Count - 1

Next. For loading your toolbar:


Some helpful macros

//toggle commandprompt
"-_commandprompt _show _toggle_enter"

//Toggle menu show/hide

Hiding all panels:

For Each panel In Rhino.UI.Panels.GetOpenPanelIds

This should bring you close to what you want I guess xD

Thank you for help. :smile:
I can feel your enthusiasm.
But you know, I develop this plugin through MFC. :sob:
I should to learn C# in the future.

C++? Don’t know what MFC is :no_mouth:

MFC == Microsoft Foundation Classes - it is C++

Right !
You don’t need to know what MFC is, but you only know “don’t touch it”. XD

Isn’t it that with C++ more is possible than vb.NET or C#? So the things that I explained above is possible in C++?
@menno probably knows xD

I’ve tried to help @kaicihuang but I have never done this kind of thing.

Oke well C++ is out of my reach ^^ anyone else can translate it too C++? :slight_smile:

Something like this should work:

#include "/Program Files (x86)/Rhino 5.0 x64 SDK/inc/RhinoSdkUiFile.h"
void HideRhinoStuff()
  CRhinoAppAppearanceSettings settings = RhinoApp().AppSettings().AppearanceSettings();
  settings.m_show_menu = false;
  settings.m_cmdprompt_position = CRhinoAppAppearanceSettings::command_prompt_hidden;

  const int file_count = CRhinoUiFile::FileCount();
  for (int index = 0; index < file_count; index++)
    ON_UUID file_id = CRhinoUiFile::FileID(index);

Hi! Dale.
Where should I put it ? May I put it in Skin ?
I have three positions, SkinApp() constructor, OnLoadplugIn() and eventwatcher::OnInitRhino().
I had tried to put those positions, but those results were different for each position.

BTW, the file_count always is zero.

Three posiotion:
BOOL CDockbarPlugIn::OnLoadPlugIn(){}
void CEventWatcher::OnInitRhino( CRhinoApp& app ){}

Below it my result.

OnLoadPlugIn() is always a good place to put this kind of stuff…

Dale,I had done it, but the command view is still showed,not be hidden. :sob:

Any solution about that?

ok, I found the solution here: Minimalist skin

Once upon a time there was a danish dude that made something like this…
If i remember correctly: Ufuboceros (
I believe the one plugin you might want to try out is this one:
Which is basically fast-switch buttons for different menu/viewport setups.

Good luck! :wink:

The following code is my test and it works fine.

BOOL CmySkinPlugIn::OnLoadPlugIn()
CRhinoAppAppearanceSettings settings =   RhinoApp().AppSettings().AppearanceSettings();
  settings.m_show_menu = false;        // hide menu
  settings.m_show_statusbar =false;   // hide statusbar

void CmySkinPlugIn_EventWatcher::OnInitRhino(CRhinoApp& app)
    CRhinoAppAppearanceSettings settings =  RhinoApp().AppSettings().AppearanceSettings();
  settings.m_cmdprompt_position = CRhinoAppAppearanceSettings::command_prompt_hidden;   //hide command prompt    
CRhinoUiFile::ShowSidebar(false,false);  // hide Side bar

// close all toolbar
  while (CRhinoUiFile::FileCount() > 0)
    int file_count = CRhinoUiFile::FileCount();
    for (int index = 0; index < file_count; index++)
      ON_UUID file_id = CRhinoUiFile::FileID(index);
      ON_wString FileName=CRhinoUiFile::FileName(file_id);