How to hide menu, command, property view ... ? (MFC/Rhino5)

Any solution about that?

ok, I found the solution here: Minimalist skin

Once upon a time there was a danish dude that made something like this…
If i remember correctly: Ufuboceros (
I believe the one plugin you might want to try out is this one:
Which is basically fast-switch buttons for different menu/viewport setups.

Good luck! :wink:

The following code is my test and it works fine.

BOOL CmySkinPlugIn::OnLoadPlugIn()
CRhinoAppAppearanceSettings settings =   RhinoApp().AppSettings().AppearanceSettings();
  settings.m_show_menu = false;        // hide menu
  settings.m_show_statusbar =false;   // hide statusbar

void CmySkinPlugIn_EventWatcher::OnInitRhino(CRhinoApp& app)
    CRhinoAppAppearanceSettings settings =  RhinoApp().AppSettings().AppearanceSettings();
  settings.m_cmdprompt_position = CRhinoAppAppearanceSettings::command_prompt_hidden;   //hide command prompt    
CRhinoUiFile::ShowSidebar(false,false);  // hide Side bar

// close all toolbar
  while (CRhinoUiFile::FileCount() > 0)
    int file_count = CRhinoUiFile::FileCount();
    for (int index = 0; index < file_count; index++)
      ON_UUID file_id = CRhinoUiFile::FileID(index);
      ON_wString FileName=CRhinoUiFile::FileName(file_id);