How to Graft Branches in a List by Index and Associate with Rhino Layers

I’m not sure if I’m just overlooking this as it seems to be close to being solved, but I’m having issues taking the list branches and grafting by index.

Basically, I have 21 different ‘Institutions’. Each institution has a set of points on their respective layers in Rhino. In GH, the group titled, “All Institutions” is organized so that the branch=institution. Each ‘institution’ has 24 items, which are the hours in a day (24 hours); the values of those items range from 0-5. My goal is to associate the values with a circle (value=radius), where 0=0, 1=20, etc.

My problems and questions are:
-If index {0}=Institution, is there a way to have it register with the points on the layer that matches the name? (example: {0} Auto Repair in GH would register all points in the layer ‘Auto Repair’ in Rhino)

-For the group ‘By Institution’, is there a faster/less redundant way of getting the circles for the value at each hour? I’m using explode tree into 24, where each index reads the value and creates the circle/radius based on the value 0-5.

-Ideally, I’m trying to get ‘All Institutions’ to superimpose on the map, so that I have a number slider 0-24 that I can cycle through the list of data based on hour of the day.

I’m a beginner at GH, so this is probably routine for most. I’m just a bit stumped. But I appreciate any help.

BASE-DIUBURG-Forum.3dm (19.6 MB) (49.3 KB) (15.4 KB)

Thank you Rickson! The Elefront components are incredibly handy! I was actually able to come up with something pretty similar to the one you sent, where it is essentially taking all institutions and mapping them based on time of day (rather than just one institution). However, as you can imagine, it bogs down the GH file upon loading because it has to update the reference to layer for each of the 21 layers, which is about 50,000 points. I appreciate your help!

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