I want to list out items within the data tree

Hi, this sounds like a basic question but I am new to GH so go easy on me please!

I have a data tree thats structure as {0,x} (N=1) where x are 5 components. I would like to re-arrange this to {0} (N=5) so that each branch has 5 components as opposed to each branch having 5 sub-branches, with each sub-branch having 1 component.

Afterwards, I would like to loop through the branches and dispatch each branch with its 5 components, which comprise of curves that I can then move to various locations as required in my Rhino model.

Your help would be much appreciated!


Test.3dm (150.2 KB)
test.gh (25.1 KB)

I have uploaded Rhino and GH files. The idea is to get one surface to cut through another surface, then a list of curves are created. I would like to be able to select the list of curves, 5 number, created by each vertical surface. Then be able to move each of the 5 curves per vertical surface split, to a different location in the model

Hi Mirwais,
I believe you are looking for the trim tree component, see what I added into your script attached here.

test (1).gh (28.6 KB)