How to give thickness to a complex set of curves without having to offset each one individually

hi guys,

I have a complex 2D drawing that I’ve made with curves in Rhino and now I’m wanting to make it look like the drawing is engraved into a solid slab of metal. I know I can do this by offsetting each curve on both sides and then extruding those curves as polys to then subtract from the solid slab, but is there another way to add thickness to a curve? I would appreciate any help, as my method will be quite time consuming and I am keen to learn other ways to tackle this project!

thanks for your time reading.

You could try piping the curves.

Do you need the actual geometry, or you are looking just for a visual effect (render) ?

i need actual geometry Rodri

Wim, I’ll try piping, good idea! thanks :slight_smile: