Best approach to create these extrusions in Rhino?


Draw the inner curves, offset them couple times (use _OffsetMultiple) and _Extrude each set to a different height:

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This looks amazing! can you please explain ‘Draw inner curves’ ?

If you look at the image I posted the inner curves are the contour of the thinnest “4” which you then offset a couple of times. You can even start with a single lined “4” and offset these curves to generate the first shape
(With some use of _Connect and _CurveBoolean)

Great, however is there an easier way to extrude each layer of curve to the same length upward?
I am asking as I have many such layers. You can assume the center most would be the topmost

Select all curves except the outer, turn gumball on, click the blue arrow and enter the incremental spacing you want, deselect the outer of the selection and repeat until no curves are left to deselect.
Then select all curves and extrude them in Z by the chosen increment.
If you know how to script or use grasshopper it wil be much faster to accomplish this though. You would then only need to select your base curves, and have three variables: offset spacing, amount, and extrusion step.
I guess by the time I’ve taken to write this down I could have just made that in gh. :slightly_smiling_face: but I’m not near a pc right now.