How to get view in Layout window to be a different part of object?

I wish I had made myself a method sheet for using Layout. I was really finding Layout useful, a year later and I recall one double clicks the Layout viewport ‘Top’ to gain access to the actual model.
I cant remember how I then get to show a different part of the model in that viewport.
I try dragging it with select all in operation (goes yellow), some text remains black, thats text that exists only in layout mode.
I make a few moves and cannot zoom out to see the object, but eventually the item comes into view. The panes have grid scale linked.
However the object is no longer where it should be with a joint on 0,0.

I open another .3dm that dealt with the front area and that does not have the front at 0,0 so somehow one can get the object to have any part of it in the layout viewpane without moving it from 0,0.

How is this done as I have forgotten.


It sounds like you “Locked” the detail.
Select the Detail border and look at it’s Properties.

yes its locked. had forgotten of that part of the Layout usage.
I need a refresher, but looking on youtube for a quick talk through of the basics I cant find anything featuring what I have done with top front side and perspective views, where the object is bigger than the pane.

But now when I right click that border it asks me to save it, it wont let me right click and choose properties, so I save it then right click and it asks me to save it again !

Unable to right click that border now.

now I right click it and it says do I wish to permanently delete it !

each time I try for it it seems to have a mind of its own.

Also how do I create a new layout pane and make it for Top view, I look on you tube either someone makes a new layout with 4 panes or has 1 and never adds another.

No one ever seems to do the basics one needs.

I do different than the you tuber, view layout new detail view and get a view box, but how do I make it for front ot top or side etc, right click it no options at all for such.

Google it and find nothing. Turning into one of those evenings where no one has ever dealt with this.


Introduction to Layouts in Rhino [McNeel Wiki]


Hi, oddly enough not to be beaten ,

I eventualy found this:-

which is same set of tuts.

Its all coming back. !

However aligning same scale items in Top, front and end views, If I have frame locked, using move tool to align as she does to a construction line requires selecting all items, some are hidden, others layers off, thats not good to do as some parts of object move from origin relationship and their relationship to those hidden etc.

It has to be done with frame unlocked, visually it seems. shove hand and visually match a grid I have in the background, .

Needs better explanation.

I had a datum drawn, very visible in layout view, yet vanished in pdf print.