Reality of getting my logo and title to appear only in layout view and top right?

I have worked my way through the McNeel tutorial on layouts V5.

Placement of dims in the layout also sees them appear in the normal default views we all are familiar with.
I activated the layout pane, it loses its grey background, added some dims, looked in normal view and they were there as well. :frowning:

I wish to place a custom made raster image logo and text /title into the layout view but not have it interfering in the ‘normal’ views, how is this done ?

I cannot see a way of creating a layer for text and another for the image, purely for when layout is in play, the layers palette has another set of columns for layout so one can have different colours for the same object, turn objects on/off without same happening in normal views, but a new layer would seem to be ‘across the board’.

If I have my logo and text visible=‘on’. I will end up seeing it and it will be in the way when working on the model, it may even appear in the other layout views, certainly in perspective. If I wish it to be visible in just front view, how is that done ?

I would like top, front and end views with the perspective view pane upper right instead featuring my logo and text in a small pane box, the divider between end and perspective being higher up, so perspective is just for my logo, how is that done ?

The tutorial had one do a file insert and click on the border drawn around the entire pane set, but following carefully the steps nothing happened, it should have created a whole new column, though I wouldnt want an entire column for my logo/title anyway.


Steve -

I take it that you have that custom made logo (i.e. image and text) in model space in your file? And I take it that it’s in the world XY plane? And near the origin and sized so that it makes sense for the size of your paper? If not, make it so.
Then activate the detail that shows the top view. Select the logo. Ctrl+C. Deactivate the detail. Ctrl+P.
Now, your logo is on your layout.

You’ve lost me. I thought you wanted the logo on the layout? It’s not possible to have geometry only visible in one or so viewports in model space.

Sounds like you still have your logo in model space. When it’s on the layout, simply delete the detail that is showing the perspective view and put the logo in that space.

Hi Wim,
It was made in the default Rhino3D ortho view, of front. using PictureFrame and text command.

Lets say its for A4 portrait, I used to move it around with it and the text grouped to and sitting in the top right corner of an A4 box frame, position it to suit the item I wanted to create as pdf.
use scale 1:1 and window in Print, position the window over the A4 frame , hit enter and then print to pdf.

If I wanted to do a side view I would have to get that box and logo and rotate it 90deg, likewise for a top view.

I just cloned it, gave it its own layer and named it for the item and view, placed it on a sub layer for that item, so I ended up with quite a few., in various ortho views.

It was never near the origin as it sat top right of objects.

Why does it have to be near origin, I also need it top right in layout view.

Does it have to start life in TOP View before I copy it to clipboard, is that because Layout view is based on top view, i.e if it was in normal ortho RIGHT view would it then appear a thin line being edge on to view when pasted into layout ?

Layout offers me the chance of avoiding all that I used to do, I can now have it independent of the model and views.

so I can insert it with layouts view NOT ACTIVE,

As the text is going to be different for each layout I do, do I paste it each time into a new layout, or can I carry fwd all the settings for a layout when creating a new layout ?

How does one in fact clone a layout view and just alter the object within, avoiding entering scale and locked etc etc each time ? ending up with many tabs at base of screen

logo is at origin in top view in model, edit copy it, when in normal ortho top view, should make no difference, go to the layout tab, detail views are deactivated, and I paste the logo/text in, get a timer symbol for 20 secs, it appears off page, I select the objects and dims in perspective and delete and they also vanish from the other viewports, :cry:so I have nowhere to place my logo/text as I need the perspective viewport empty for space for it.

deleting does in fact then delete in all viewports.


Steve -

Because that makes it easy to find. As long as you are only working with small items at 1:1, it doesn’t really matter.


If the text is different for each layout, just create new text on a new layout.

If you delete something in model space, then, yes, it will be deleted from all viewports. If you have placed a copy of that geometry on a layout, that copy will remain in place when the original geometry is deleted in model space.

I had created a layout by clicking on the + to the right of the normal viewtabs lower left of screen, same as going view>layout>new layout (they tell us we can do either) and I get the grey backgrounded 4 view layout, I did as you say double click the perspective pane in that grey background layout, and selected the geometry in it and all 4 panes in the layout view went blank, geometry vanishing out of all views. I wasnt in normal perspective, honest !

I have opened up the ship layout file they have us work to, and again selecting ship in the layout view perspective windows see the other three windows geometry go yellow, hitting delete and all vanish.


Yes if you delete something you will delete it. The layout details are like viewports.

Wim was just saying that if you actually copy geometry from model space to layout space–not viewed through a detail, actually on the layout–that’s a separate copy.

Hi JIm,
I wanted the perspective pane empty to place logo and text into, so how can I achieve that as selecting whats in there deletes all. Being a newbie at this, I simply create a new layout, name it and it displays all that I have in my very busy project and wish to work with.
I need to do plans of various components in the project, some 1:1 scale, I could select the object and along with its dims paste it, paste it where to though ? but not sure how it gets into 3 viewports if I do, as it has to align, like an engineering drg should do, the grids align, another major problem (other post) , and have a printable grid behind it, (another post). I had planned on selecting it and reverse hide everything as I have done thousands of times to see past a cobweb of ‘stuff’. then use layout mode or normal print to pdf and window select mode, and print it as pdf.