How to get Fillet edges from Grasshopper

Hello guys!

I am actually using R6 and I have a problem from Grasshopper, I’d llike to applicate fillet on my surface selected, and I had to call Fillet edges fonction from Gras to obtain this result :slight_smile:

But I have always errors, there’s someone who would like to help me please!
here my gras file (20.7 KB)


For your Fillet to work you just need to join the parts and plug a few more inputs in

Though looking at the image you are trying to build I think you want something more like this as the fillet edge component goes both ways from the centre of the edge. Note with this workflow I have not worked out the maths to set the radius. You would need to do this.

Also showed you how I would code the first part. I did not have the plug-ins so only answered the question part of the code so you will need to merge the codes.

essais_Mg (59.3 KB)

Thanks a lot Mr.

it’s okey now

Hello Mr.

I want now to generate Lattice form from my cyndrical surface, the problem is when I select it the Conform surface axis from Intralice not working like I want, here are my surface:

I’d like to get the same result like that:

Can you please help me !

Thanks! (26.0 KB)

Never used intralattice, sorry. How did you get it it to work in the first picture.

Hello Mr.

I had a result about lattices, but now I’d like to know if threre’s a only way to build Fillet edges, Bicouse I have now a planar part like.

And I tryed to use Loft and Fillet Edge fonction whit some rectangles fonctions like Guide, but the result is not good to see.

Can you please Debug me, here are my model file. (22.5 KB)


Like this? (23.8 KB)

Yes like this! Thanks a lot Mr.