How to get CPlanes to have the same 0,0 point?

Or rather how to ensure an object is at 0,0,0 in all views. I have an object that started in another file. In Top, Front, and Right, it is sitting on the Red axis near the 0,0 of the XY axes. However, in Perspective mode it is way off in space. I assume something moved the 0 point in the perspective view. How do I reset all CPlanes so 0,0,0 is the same. Pice are top, Front, Right, and perspective.

Use Point to create a temporary point at the origin in one of the orthogonal views. Then make the Perspective viewport the active viewport and use the command CPlane to set the CPlane in the Perspective viewport to the point.

Do add the point at w0,0,0 (in any view) to see what the actual world origin is.

The Boltgen has the command (besides of some useful commands) in toolbar to place point in 0,0,0

Or the other way around, of course - that the CPlanes in the ortho views are moved. As Nathan wrote, a point at w0,0,0 will tell you that.

That depends on what you want. If you want to move the CPlane in the perspective view to the same location as that of the others, you can do as David wrote. If you want to completely reset the viewports to make sure they are back to default world CPlanes, you can run the 4view command twice in a row.

0 (numeral zero) is a short cut for 0,0,0 w0 is a short cut for w0,0,0
Point 0 creates a point at the CPlane origin. Point w0 creates a point at the world origin.