Get the layer name of curve with c#


I want to get the layer message of curve through c# code as following. But there is a problem that the “Rhino.Geometry.Curve” type cannot implicitly be converted to “Rhino.DocObjects.CurveObject”.

Please give me some suggestions. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you!

private void RunScript(List x, ref object A)
Rhino.DocObjects.CurveObject rhobj = x[i];
int index = rhobj.Attributes.LayerIndex;
string name = doc.Layers[index].Name;

private void RunScript(Guid id, ref object A)
  var obj = RhinoDocument.Objects.Find(id);
  A = RhinoDocument.Layers[obj.Attributes.LayerIndex];
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The code that you provided can work!

Hi Mahdiyar!

I have one more question about the method of “RhinoDocument.Objects.Find()”. I tried to find this method in RhinoCommon API document. Unfortunately, I cannont find this method. Could you give me some tips where I can get the message about RhinoDocument class in c#.

Thank you very much!

Hi @nikko_1983,

Are you looking for this?

– Dale