How to get all the line which connected with a point in ghpython?

Hey , I am a new beginner and have a question.
I am trying to reorder all the point clockwise in the layer’'Panel" with GH-python.
At first I select the point A as the first ref_p and as the first point 1 ,then find the other two points B and C durch the two blue curve , which connected with point A. And durch Vector cross product I get the second point 2.

but I don’t know how to with GH-python to get the point B and C.

the original GH-file is here (3.5 KB)

if anyone could help that would be great

You could use the Geometry Pipeline to dynamically read geometry from Rhino layers. And then feed this to your GHPython component. As for the point ordering algorithm, here’s one approach:

Here’s a quick implementation:

200504_SortsPointRadially_00.3dm (32.0 KB) (5.3 KB)

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Hello AndersDeleuran,

Thank you very much for your help!
With this I have figure it out!

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