How to get accurate Cocoon mesh diameter and remove node bumps


I would like to design lattice structures that will be 3D printed in metal for a specific application, so they need to be accurate.

Cocoon does a great job at adding a mesh around the curves but:

1_ The resulted Cocoon mesh diameter is smaller than the specified one (see image where Cocoon mesh diameter is smaller than pipe diameter altought both are specified to 2mm)

2_ The lattice nodes have bumps due to being summed (not desirable)

My questions are:

1_ Is there a way to get exact diameters, for example an exact 2mm diameter truss mesh

2_ Is there a way to remove the bumps in the lattice nodes and have a uniform diameter instead (ex: exactly 2mm mesh diameter)

I have just started to use Cocoon and I would appreciate it if someone can explain the different parameters (couldn’t find explanations elsewhere), for example of Iso, Cell size and refine cocoon parameters.

Thank you!

test meshing a (80.2 KB)