Crystallon, Increase Lattice Thickness by Attractor Point


I am currently working with the Add-On Crystallon. At the moment, I am able to create a homogeneous mesh with a certain thickness.
For the future, i want to systematically increase the lattice thickness by using an attractor point. This means, the closer the structure to this point, the thicker the diameter of each lattice.
Crystallon also includes such a module (Lattice Thickness Value) but I could not figure out yet how to use this module correct.
I would be glad if someone with a higher proficiency in Crystallon could help me out with this specific module.


I havent checked all the example files, but have you? Might be in there. Also, Crystallon requires cocoon for meshing. I believe the thickness value is used as an input on cocoons mesh components.

“The included examples also use Millipede ( for simulation and Cocoon ( for generating meshes.”

Yes I did and I also went through each example and checked if any of those is actually using this module or something similar.
But unfortunately they just just some kind of regular or homogeneous meshes.
I have also installed all required add-ons. :slight_smile:

actually i’m trying to do the same thing but no good result. can u please show me how u did the uniform thickness?

there are basically three ways how to transform lattice structures into a solid and closed mesh.
I tried it with Intralattice, Cocoon and Exoskeleton. All three methods work.

  • Intralattice implemented an module called Homogen Mesh. Simply insert the lattice structure, define a radius and you receive a mesh.
  • Cocoon is mainly related to Crystallon since Crystallon does not include a thickness component (as far as i know). Just check the Crystallon examples and there you can find their approach. But depending on your use case you probably have to adjust some values in order to get good results.
  • Exoskeleton also works quite good. However, in some cases i receive errors as the mesh is not solid respectively valid. I did not figure out yet how to use Exo for every use case.

Finally, I use Weaverbird for adjustments and accuracy improvements.

Hope this could help you. :slight_smile:

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Yes thank you. I think the same respect to the thickness inside crystallon. Did you try to export the final lattice as step file? cause it says that there is a problem as the mesh i polygonal.
thank you anyway

@francescoleonardi06 As far as your final goal is 3D printing your part you should consider that only closed components are printable. Otherwise you will run into problems.
Probably, try to improve your mesh with weaverbird. This increases the accuracy of the mesh as the specific mesh faces are transformed into triangles.
Simply upload your file and I could try to give you further help.

thanks so much. I’ll try with weavebird. this file could be an example, i’ll need a step file cause i want to do further analysis on other softwares.cube lattice ex.3dm (11.7 MB)
cube lattice (68.4 KB)

Hi there, I am struggling with the same problem. Trying to use Crystallon Lattice Thickness Value but not getting any results. I went through the examples but that wasn’t particularly helpful.
Could anyone with more experience give it a go or explain the approach?