How to get 3d print from lines of paneling grid?


Hi everyone,

I try to go from grid lines to a 3d printable object. What is the best way to do this?

I am building an object that is going to be 3d printed. Basically I build a grid around a surface, take the wires of the grid and put a pipe around them (with a round cap) When I bake this and export as .stl I get an enormous file that is not printable.

See screenshot

What is the way to go, to get a good stl file from the lines of a paneling grid?

keywords: 3d printing, panelingtool, grasshopper, stl,


You could use the Exoskeleton component by Daniel Piker and Dave Stasiuk. It will generate one solid mesh from a network of curves, should do the trick I suspect.


Thanks a lot, it works great.


Brilliant, be sure to post the results :wink:


Here, work in progress: