Hi, I have 500 closed curves that I’d like to run pipes around and then Boolean the pipes to get one surface. I can get the pipes but i cant Boolean them or indeed any of them even one by one in Rhino. Is there a way of doing this...? Thankyou

Hi, I have a series of complex meshes that need to be printed using a robotic arm. I have been printing these meshes in the normal way (mesh-stl-cura-printer). This method is not allowing me the flexibility to select and individually manipulate the printing lines which is what i need to be able to do.
I would like to be able to hug the meshes with individual polylines describing the layer of print material and export each line as a code. Is there a good way of doing this and is there an existing method.

is possible to use the Slic3r plugin for rhino 5 to get the curves of a Gcode file. is that what you are after ? maybe I get it wrong.
I used it to render some gcodes long ago:

Hi Diego, thanks for your message. I will try that to see if it works… My current process is a mesh scan but I want more control of each individual printing line. These lines need to be true curves that the printer/ robot follows and not a triangulated mesh. Any more discussion would be helpful. Thanks