How to generate pore spheres in voronio structure?

Hi, I really need your help. How can I generate pore spheres in voronio structure? As shown in the picture below.

To open the attachment , you need Plug-In: Dendro . I used Rhino 6.

pore spheres generate-voronoi porous structure2.PNG
pore spheres generate-voronoi porous (14.9 KB)
pore spheres generate-voronoi porous structure.3dm (129.3 KB)

Haven’t used dendro, but you can try this method:

pore spheres generate-voronoi porous (14.0 KB)

It dose not work. The spheres need to make contact with the structs that surrounds it, but not planes.
Here is DENDRODendroGH.gha (57 KB)

If you do that, the spheres might start colliding with each other at some places

pore spheres generate-voronoi porous (13.8 KB)

The spheres do not contact to the structs, and some spheres cross the structs.

Here’s the updated file:
pore spheres generate-voronoi porous (13.2 KB)

The spheres are doing exactly as is mentioned in your post:


The sphere should as large as possible until it makes contact with the structs. Maybe the center of the sphere is not the center of the cell. As picture shows below, the sphere is small.

This is really difficult.

Read what you have posted, it is exactly as described:

Sphere having centre as the centroid of the polyhedral voronoi cell and radius equal to shortest distance to the cylindrical surface of beam

If you need them to touch all the struts, it is nearly impossible (only possible in certain voronoi polyhedras, can’t be guaranteed). A sphere can only be defined by 4 points, of which 3 need to be co-planar.

Also, try to define exactly what you want in the first post, so that it is easier for others to help you :slight_smile:

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In the image from the paper looks voronoi cells from equal spheres.
Voronoi cells in grasshopper have different volumes, you need something like TriRemesh in 3d space

Have a look also at this example

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Thanks a lot, Adwait. What you did was consistent with what was in the paper.

Daniel, Another question. I downloaded the Plug-in Topologizer.GHA , and put it in the library folder. But it doesn’t show up in my GH . What is the reason?
image image

You probably need to unblock it.
Then it should show up under the Mesh>Triangulation tab next time you start Rhino.