How to flatten the base of a model with Rhino to send to 3D printer?

Hello everybody!

I am new in the game of 3D, love it but I am having some difficulties today…

I created a bust with iSense and exported it. I like to 3d print it ( I have a makerbot printer Replicator ), but before I do I need to solidify (now it seems to be hollow on the bottom. which I though it was not ) and also I need to flatten the surface, so it does not print an unbalanced sculpture.

After doing research online and trying to edit this bust with RHINOCEROS (in a Mac) , I am giving up…it seems to be a simple thing to do but can’t figure out the software and not sure thsie can be done with this program?

Anyway, attached here the picture of the OBJ file I got from creating the scan. You will see how the base is not a straight line, I tried to trim, delete or also tried finding “naked edges”, but nothing works…

Any suggestions are much appreciated,
Thanks in advance!!

Meshes are not Rhino’s strong point… What you might try:

In the Right view you have showing, draw a line where it might cut the base off cleanly, then use the command MeshTrim. If you are lucky, it will trim off the bottom squarely and you can then try using FillMeshHole to close the bottom and “solidify” the mesh.

If MeshTrim does not work, you’re probably out of luck doing this in Rhino. I would also check the finished result even if it does succeed in an STL check software like NetFabb…

HTH, --Mitch

Thanks for the quick reply!!! I got it to flatten it out, great advice! Now the only problem is giving me when I “export selected” as OBJ file is that is telling me “error saving file”, so can’t export…IF you ever had this message, any idea why is not exporting?
Thanks again!!!

the settings are as follow: