How to fix this?

This is model of a Yamaha p-115. I’m almost complete, but the line in the center of the curved face really bothers me. I tried to fix it several times through several methods. Extracting/extruding an edge curve then trimming. Extracting an isocurve and doing the same. Nothing worked. (I believe it is something with the original curve) Eventually I just continued along as it does not show in rendered view. Still, it bothers me to no end that could not solve it, and I know its even more difficult now as I’ve already filleted the edges, (Is there such a thing a as “Un-fillet”?) but if anyone has thoughts or suggestions.
Problem area.

Doesn’t show when rendered.

File of problem.P-115.3dm (2.4 MB)

If they visually bother you just hide Surface isocurves for your display mode.

The file you attached does not have this curved surface in though.

P-115.3dm (2.4 MB)
try this

  1. ExtractSrf
  2. MergeEdge
  3. ExtendSrf

I removed the surface hoping some one could fill it a and explain how. Here it is with the wacky face

P-115_TOP.3dm (2.5 MB)

I’m not getting that to work. As I mentioned, I think the is something wrong with the original curve. If you highlight the surface and zoom in to the bottom you can see that the isocurve is all wacky. I was wondering if this is a problem?

I don’t know how I create this surface, but I already gave you an idea of how to repair the whole problem.

Thank you for your efforts, but I’m confused as I did similar things.
I exploded removed the offending face. Then extruded the same Curve. However, the trimming did not work no matter which cutting objects. Even when I rejoined everything else as the cutting object.

Which edges you are merging exactly, I can’t tell from the pic. Perhaps that is my problem?

Got it! Thanks.

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